Letters from a “FAN.” – I love being “loved.”

26 Feb

From a guy named “Ric”

Ric…the dick.
Who’s pecker’s probably so small, he has to go around “HATIN” on people.

ha ha


Madame, you are the least intelligent life form I have ever seen or heard of in my entire life. Please stop your terrible, terrible blog that nobody cares about.

Thank you.


This is so unspeakably ridiculous. Feel free to never write anything regarding philosophy ever again.


Up yours, moron.

Ahhhh. So nice to have such great people around us, eh?
I hope you are enjoying your life of misery, Mr “Ric”
if that’s even your real name.
Why don’t you show your face, if yer so bad???

Spitting out hate behind anonymity.
Brave, very brave!

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Posted by on February 26, 2012 in Hate


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