Here we go again…

25 Feb

I really don’t feel like being up right now.
It’s 8:30am.
Went to bed around 2ish am
and gotta do…

what it seems, I always damn do

leave everything for the very last minute
with a countdown to take off.

Flight’s at 5pm.
I’ve got to sort through mounds of clothes, do laundry and pack.

Alarm went off a few times since 7:30am.
(My scheduled time of “rising.”)

But yeah, that shit wasn’t going to happen.

Let’s see what miracles can be performed today.
I’mma be gone for about 3-4 months.
Always fun to try and figure out what to pack for that long…
(however, that’s actually kinda short compared to how long I used to be gone for)

They should seriously come out with a mobile closet service.
Similar to those Pods thingies…

Clothes and shoes all organized, setup and delivered to every location you go.
Wouldn’t that just be heaven?

It’d sure make my life a lot easier.
The day when I don’t have to pack or fuss about with luggage.

To dream.

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