Startin’ ta FADE but still FEELIN’ On TOP of the WORLD

22 Feb

Don’t remember what time I went to sleep.
However, judging by my “Godnatt” (Goodnight in Swedish) status last night…
I woke up 4 hours later.

Needed to check to see if my PA got me all booked for Saturday.
And yes, nicely delivered…so I guess I was pumped and happy to be sorted.

I love my PA.
He’s the best. Makes my life easier and more manageable.

Besides my NEW 17″ Macbook Pro
that gives me screens like THIS to wait around for.

My suitcase from my Vegas, Boston and Florida trip.
Gonna finally sort through it and the mountain of clothes I have dumped from previous
trips rushing out…as I’m always SO prepared to leave.

Got this in Florida.
Old school twenty!
Gonna keep for good luck.

My mom’s yappy little dog.
She tells me this morning…(my mom, NOT the dog)
“You see, when Gucci at the door…Coco bark to tell me he’s there.”

Yes mom. Call the talent agents. We’ve got a prodigy on our hands.

If you EVER wish to see, who, in the Chan family REALLY gets the spoils…
you’re lookin’ at her.
Coco Chanel.
**double sigh**

My dad and I are beyond jealous at the treatment she receives.
Like, where was this “maternal/loving/nurturing” figure (my mom) when I was younger?

Right. Time to run off.
Head’s feeling wonky.
Starting to feel the lack of sleep I guess. Time to hit poolside to enjoy some of the YUMMY sun.


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Posted by on February 22, 2012 in Technology, Travel


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