21 Feb

That’s what I said to my mom just now.

Followed by, I’m sick.
She grabbed my Starbucks and took a sip from the straw.
She was like, “I forgot” and started freaking out…
dipping her fingers in the cup and frantically like a kitty cat on speed
started wiping off her tongue with her fingers.

My mother’s a freak.

ha ha

And now, 2 minutes later…

She says she has a sore throat.
**shaking head**

Thank God I didn’t inherit her brain, cuz I don’t think I would’ve made it this far in life.

I googled “wipe tongue”
one of the first images on the first row…was a man lifting up his shirt…
showing his abs…and wearing NOTHING ELSE!
Nice filtering google!

Like, BAM. Dick in my face.
I decided to take “wipe” off and just googled “tongue”
and came up with this interesting little item…

Kinda nifty, not my cup of tea, but nifty.

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Posted by on February 21, 2012 in Art, Health


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