You Never Know…

18 Feb

In life, you are never guaranteed…

a thing.

Yes, besides “death and taxes” as the saying goes.

But, it just takes a second and imagine how many moments in each day we take for granted.
How many hours we let slip by where WE COULD embrace all that is important to us

but we don’t.

We get lost.

Lost in things, at the end of the day…mean nothing.
But, we are unable to see it

because we’re so focused and obsessed.

I just took the garbage out.
It’s 6:11pm, here in the Bahamas.
As I watched the garage door rise, I prepared for my run.
I ran outside and to the side of the house where the trash cans are
and dropped the bag.

Dropped the bag and ran straight in and immediately closed the garage door, each moment

Just incase.

It’s a crazy world out there.
You never know when that moment hits where you are caught off guard by “evil.”

By an outside force that’ll swoop in and change your life, forever.

Enjoy each moment.
Embrace each moment…

and take nothing for granted

cuz another moment, can just attack your world and change it

beyond recognition and restoration.

I got this text from a dear friend I met a few years back.
We only had moments, face to face.
Like, an hour, probably TOTAL…

but we’ve kept in contact via Facebook
and have become closer than ever…

and we just met up again in Vegas.


“The esteem I held you in prior to this trip was high, consider it doubled.
I hope my path and your global path cross again soon.
Thank you for being the friend, you obviously are. Hugs. :)”


Savin’ that one!!!!!


Enjoy the rest of your day.


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