Guess I’m Not the Superwoman I Thought I Was

17 Feb

I’m sick.

Woke up with a raspy voice and stuffy nose.
I’m tellin’ ya…I’m allergic to Boston!
I should’ve never stepped onto “enemy” territories unarmed.

I’m supposed to be flying out to Holland tomorrow, but I think I’mma delay the trip a few days.
I have no desire to rush myself into a day of organizing, laundry and packing.
Brain hurts to even look at the computer screen…

but I’mma concentrate on getting a bunch of pics from Vegas, etc uploaded.
Checked out all the video footage last night and can’t wait to put something together.

Didn’t think we could top our last trip

Best trip ALL around to DATE!!!

 A friend just posted this pic on Facebook.

I’m missing that bracelet.

It’s the same night I hopped up on the top of a moving taxi van (video to come – and maybe when I lost the bracelet), got kicked out of Spearmint Rhino AND woke up in the RIGHT suite (this time)!


At least I didn’t lose my Nata bracelet.


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Posted by on February 17, 2012 in Health, Travel


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