Are You a REAL MAN?

16 Feb

1. An estimated one million children are forced to work in the global sex industry every year
2. The global sex slavery market generates a $39 billion profit annually
3. Selling young girls is more profitable than trafficking drugs or weapons

For me. It’s not just girls.
Any person that is so desperate to fill a sexual urge that they gotta PAY somebody
to sleep with them…

is just pathetic.

It lacks self control and pinpoints the individuals priorities.

I dunno.

The industry sickens me and the more corrupt, dark and wide-spread it becomes
the more my feelings of “dislike” turn into HATE.

“Oh, I’m helping them out. They would STARVE if I didn’t give them money.”

If you truly want to help them out you SICK FUCK, FEED them. GIVE them money.

Don’t try and quench your guilt by BELIEVING the TWISTED lies you tell yourself.
Love them. Care for them. Nurture them.


Stop raping and preying on the less fortunate
just please, drop to a slow, painful, agonizing death.



One response to “Are You a REAL MAN?

  1. manish

    April 9, 2012 at 7:16 am



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