Adventures in an Airport Bathroom Stall and My Freakishly Cool Life

16 Feb

At the Miami International Airport.
We’ll discuss my elevated RAPTURE at my existence here later.

went to the bathroom.

All stalls were full except the first, that I walked by.
A very tall, brunette with piercing blue eyes was fixing her hair in the mirror across it.
When I walked back, she stared at me.
As I turned to close the stall door
I see her peering in while walking towards the sink.

And no. It wasn’t in a sexy-sly-turn-you-on
kinda way.

It was more like…

OMG is she gonna rape me/BEWARE of STALKER/alien disguised as a human
preparing to invade my body kinda way.

I took my time in the stall, cuz I didn’t wanna see her when I came out.
However, there she was, still by the sink.
And yeah…

still using her blue eyes to gaze at me.

I quickly washed my hands, dried em off and exited.
Talk about uncomfortable!

In other news…
I decided to sit down at a table and jot the bathroom adventure out real quick.
I had my earphones in, listening to my (currently) favorite song, on loop.
And I hear, “HEY! You’re late!”

It was my good friend from WAY back when…and family dentist Dr Romer.
We met each other in Karate class when I was a kid.
Seeing a familiar face, in a foreign spot, after being away from home,
always puts the biggest smile on my face.

I actually see more people away, than I do when we’re at home.
Silly, isn’t it?

We played a little catch up and walked out to the plane.
Just as I prepared to end our conversation…

we realize we were seated next to each other.
How freakishly cool is that?
I’m telling you, my life, for me…is one
Holy shit moment after another.

Holy shit, in a great way.

Like, pinch me, I must be dreaming cuz this is too perfect to be true.

Anyhow…gonna take me a wee nap before landing.


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