My New Cutie Pies and Magic in Vegas!

10 Feb

Part of the family bunch that took me to the airport.
Cutie pie Spike.

Ran across this and it made me think of my girls in Vancouver.

They don’t even bother to say it anymore.
Didn’t even notice til I was like, shouldn’t they have announced it already?
We’ve almost landed.

A “beautiful” day to fly. Just like my flight Wednesday from Nassau.
(I’m alive though…so, no complaints!)

My cutie pies!!!
I felt like I was on Air France or something.
They are exhibiting at the Magic Las Vegas Fashion Show.

At first I thought they were here to perform MAGIC!

They are such cuties, not to mention all their little French pals.
Wonder if they got any cute chicas.
Here’s a link to their site:

I came first outta the lot and accidentally FELL into some shopping.
I grabbed my check-in REAL quick to rid of the “evidence.”

Right, my boy Greg needs to use my laptop.
C’est la vie!!!
((Can’t get the pics off my camera from last night))

When I get a moment, will head over to someone in our group with a card reader.

Happy Friday!!

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