ObamaCare, Catholicism and Birth Control.

07 Feb

I’m not a religious person.
I went all out once, with thoughts of becoming a nun…
even a priest
until one of my best friends, a 70-80 year old Irish Catholic priest
said I couldn’t…

because I was a woman.


Can ya figure out how fast I dropped that religion?

Under ObamaCare, the government is stepping in and enforcing Catholic
Hospitals, charity and educational institutions to pay for and ensure birth control
and other forms of non-Catholic practice for the people in these institutions.

NOT Constitutional.
But, what is nowadays?

Even I know, that’s wrong.
C’mon now.
Your effecting the core teachings of the church.
You can’t do that.

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Posted by on February 7, 2012 in Politics, Religion/God/Spirituality


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