I go to E! for my Education.

05 Feb

Ever watch The Joneses?
Great movie with a fantastic message.

It’s where I was introduced to the very lovely Amber Heard.

Just found out on E! that she’s a lesbian!

One more for the girl’s team.
ha ha

Beautiful pic, huh?
The original was larger, but my shitty ass Bahamian internet is going wonky…
It’s better, in FULL size.

I think she’s gone blonde now.
Amber baby, when ya get the brunette back in ya…

Gimme a call.


(This just in, my best friend’s uncle knows her dad…hmmmmm. Seriously. I’ll take off my no girlfriend ban for this one! he he Hell, she’s WIFE material!)


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Posted by on February 5, 2012 in Movies, Photography


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