05 Feb

And debit card.
With out those two items…
traveling will be on the toughy side.

I don’t know why this always happens.
I was sooooooo good in the beginning. Had them in their “safe” spots.
But then, needed to use em so took them out
and put them in an “unknown” spot.


I am NOT leaving the house today until I find them!
If I miss the Superbowl, I miss the Superbowl.
Gotta prioritize!

Bed at 4AM up at 9:30AM.
Slept on the couch, as, if you’ve been following…
you know that’s where I sleep if I want to actually wake up before NOON
and be productive.

I thank Gucci (my chow chow) for the early rise.
He came sniffin’ in my ear wanting to go out.


Time for momma to find her shit!!!!

~ If I were a passport and debit card, where would I be??? ~

I’ll tell you where…STUCK in the BAHAMAS and BROKE
cuz I can’t leave without a passport, and can’t get my MONEY without my debit card!

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Posted by on February 5, 2012 in Bahamas, Life, Travel


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