Awwwweeeeee. My kids are the BEST!!!!

02 Feb

The trailer load of them!!!
(Things that just melt your heart)
I have no need to have children, all my friends around the world, have enough.
And I love em all like my own.
I’m just “seasonal” and absent for most of the year.
ha ha

Or years.

I just got this message from one of the sweetest women I know…

“Hi Beautiful….
I had to send a message right away. Zoe has share tomorrow at school and she is bringing the dollar you gave her. She has to write sentences to talk about what she brings and you have no idea how nice it was to hear what she wrote.
She mentions that you are her friend with a same birthday and that she loves you and misses you. She also wrote that even if she just saw you that time you are in her heart and hopes to see you soon. She also said that she will always cherish the dollar and that it is for good luck because a good friend from the Bahamas (like the dollar) gave it to her”

She and her family are AMAZING people.
Her kids are the cutest.
Very thoughtful, respectful and sweet.

Here’s a pic of the lot.

I met them during my stay in Boulder, CO last year.
I don’t usually do the “inner” parts of the US…but, gotta find my way back to Colorado sometime this year
to spend some time with them.
(I do Texas as an inner state too, cuz a few of my very best friends live there.)


I swear, my list just gets longer and longer.

365 days in a year?

I need more!

Here are some pics I randomly came across for my google of “melt your heart”

Right. Hope you liked.


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Posted by on February 2, 2012 in Family, Happiness, Natural Highs


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