The New Age of Addiction

29 Jan

Addiction is defined as the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

Everyone in today’s day and age, is an addict.
From smoking to drugs, to drinking, to sex…and now, the internet.

What would you do, if the internet was taken away from you?

It would kinda suck to go back to library-style access to information.
Wouldn’t ya say?
You’d actually have to get up and move instead of having information right at your fingertips.

The internet for me, is a Godsend.
Mainly, Facebook cuz I can keep in contact with most of the friends I’ve met along my travels.
Not only stay in contact, BUT REMEMBER!
Sometimes when I forget a person’s name, I remember which friends we have in common
and find them that way.

I’ve always said I’d sit down and email everyone on my friend’s list so I can get their
email and telephone number
but being a boring and mundane activity, I have yet to do it.

Site’s are never guaranteed.
One day, Facebook can just go “poof”
and there go all my contacts.

I’d so hate that.

in Estonia, a country with about 1.3 million people
the internet is a way of life.
Wifi is accessible everywhere and FREE.
It has one of the HIGHEST rates of internet penetration in the world.
The government promotes an internet life, so much so that now you can even vote for president online.

In 2007, the Russians waged an online attack on Estonia over a dispute about the relocating a statue of Tallinn, which the Russians took as an offense.
First, they took to the streets in protest…
then, they took the fight online.

They shut down the parliament, banks, newspapers and broadcasters
basically shutting Estonia off from the world
for 3 weeks!
(99% of banking transactions are done online and 100% of the government operates online)

Can you imagine losing internet access for 1 week?
Let alone 3?
Not being able to access your bank accounts or any other accounts you may have online?

We are moving faster and faster to a place where we have holes in security.
Everyday, millions of hackers are online breaking through accounts and systems
and there’s nothing we can do to defend ourselves because we’ve biten off more than we can chew.

From identity theft, government breaches…

No information is safe anymore…if it’s sent through the cyber waves.

Fun times. No?

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