Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya Tomorrow! You’re always A day A way!

27 Jan

That’s the problem.
A day away.
Which becomes ANOTHER day away!!!

I planned on detoxing Monday.
Went to the grocery store and everything.
Me and my Magic Bullet were gonna rule the next few weeks together…

THIS Magic Bullet

Not some sexual device…

What’s today?


Detox, postponed.
Damn the procrastinator in me.

I don’t feel procrastinating to be a bad thing…
for me

it’s just ME doing NOW what I want to do
and leaving SHIT I don’t want to do…

for tomorrow.

Whichever tomorrow it decides to be.

 I can’t start detox now, as it’s the weekend.

But by MONDAY!!!

I will give it a shot again.
No alcohol.
No meat.
No “miscellaneous”

Clean living and healthy shit!

**wish me luck…I’mma need it**

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Posted by on January 27, 2012 in Alcohol & Drugs, Health


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