Who Are the People in YOUR Neighborhood?

24 Jan

I thought of that song today.
Thinking, of how, when I was younger we were taught that
the policeman
the fireman
the teacher…

these are all people we should trust.

Did ya get a laugh outta that one?

Amazing how your eyes open as you grow up.
Or, how times are changing.
I don’t think they’d teach this in school anymore!

Just because a person has a badge or a title, doesn’t predict
the person that they are.

My father, as we are watching tv and learning about more robberies on the island
told me about a guy that worked for him
that was wrongly accused of a robbery.
Who was BEATEN by police to admit it was him…

Then, another robbery happened and they tried to blame the same guy.
This guy was STILL disabled and unable to walk, because of the beating.
He’s now seeking legal action against the police force.

Shit like this, makes things scary.
People using power and abuse to show they’ve got a conviction.
I know a few people who’ve been incarcerated and then, while in jail, were thrown
crimes they never committed.

It works.
It “solves” crimes.

But man.

Is this what we’ve come to?

(Yes, I’m a little hyper active today in regards to posting.)

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Posted by on January 24, 2012 in Injustice


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