For the LOVE of dad…and old school cameras

21 Jan

Helped my father get the christmas tree box down from where its stored in the garage.
While doing so, I peeked two bags that caught my eye.
Camera bags!

Oh la la!
What goodies to they have inside?!?!

I take photos.
I’ve taken photos incessantly since I was, I dunno. 11?
Although I’ve been paid quite “handsomely” for my work…
I don’t consider myself a photographer.
There are so many talented individuals out there with super skills with photoshop
that produce such amazing treats for the eye that I’d NEVER wanna be categorize among such greatness.
However, take away the photoshop tricks and photography is actually quite easy when you have the eye.
Digital SLRs make photography a joke, and that’s sad.
At least, I find it so…where it used to be an art.

My father gave me one of his Nikon SLRs.
As I grew older and further and further OUT of touch with my parents
I forgot

that my FATHER was a photographer!
I learnt it mostly on my own, then sought advise from the countless AMAZING
photogs in my life…

forgetting, I had the BEST resource right by my side.
My daddy!!!

This came off of a trophy he won, years back.
Know what it is?
It’s a Hasselblad.
He won Photographer of the Year from them.

Google Hasselblad and check em out.
You can say, it’s the Ferrari of cameras.
Nikon and Canon are child’s play in comparison to these suckers.

Me? Proud of my dad?!?!

I’m like my father, but on speed.
He goes through businesses as they come and strike his curiosity
and sticks to them for a few years.

I jump in and out of things like a flip book.
As quick as a flash I can be in and out and on to the next thing.
It’s like I’m forever on a roller coaster of ups and downs and unpredictable
yet thrilling twists and turns.

I am so much my father, it isn’t even funny.
RIGHT down to our taste in women.

Well, besides my mom as I don’t do asians.
It’d be like doing myself.
It just doesn’t seem “natural” for me
however, 2012 is going to be my year of taking down new things I never desired to have on my plate.
**stay tuned**

My dad gets all excited when I show interest in his toys, etc.
You shoulda seen him when I brought the bags into the house.
He sat down on the couch with me and showed me a secret compartment.
It had pics of a few of his ex girlfriends. REALLY CUTE TOO!
And no, not chinese or asian.
He said, my mom torn up and threw away most.
Ha ha ha

Why do women do that?
One of my exes saw a love note this other kinda ex at the time wrote me, grabbed it and RIPPED it to shreds.
It’s like, “DUDE. WTF?? REALLY?”

If anyone ever ripped pictures of mine…
I’d have to kill em.
They DEFINITELY wouldn’t be a part of my life.

The goodies!!!

Below is Super Pilot light meter.

If you’ve seen this blue band on my hand over the months and wonder what it is…
well, I don’t know either.
I just know Nata put it on my wrist at a kid’s party and I vowed never to take it off.
So, let’s see how long it takes until it falls off, if ever.
With my luck, it’s made outta super durable fibers and will be on me til my death bed.

Guess only time will tell!!!!

That’s me for now. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend.


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