The Day My Crotch Got Wet

16 Jan

It was probably “God’s” intervention as I was up to no good with a certain somebody online.
No, no webcam action…just me being the darkside converter that I am.

Gobbling up innocence and bringing “life” to their bland existence.

Do you see the red? That was plain chicken noodle soup. THE RED is HOT SAUCE.
How my feminine parts didn’t feel like hell just occupied it, is beyond me.

Found this in my boxed up stuff I’ve still yet to organize.
This is an “artifact” from my youth. (Rubberband gun) Made it when I was like, hmmmmm. 11?
Still works!

I can’t believe it’s Monday.
I was so settled on it being Sunday.
My father was like, “Gibby’s coming over after work.”

I was like, after work? But it’s Sunday.

Yeah. My father was NOT amused.

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Posted by on January 16, 2012 in Food


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