Today felt weird. So I hopped on a plane.

14 Jan

Went to bed around 6am?
And faced the world around 12pm.

Tried to find some souse to aid me through the day…
but no luck.


Obviously no motocross riding…
and, was kinda choppy so we didn’t head out on the boat.
I felt, cloudy.

Not comfortable in my own skin.
I needed solace.

Had an amazing, whirlwind of a time.
Random and rewarding.
Well, I could do without the massive hangover.

Seeing and spending time with Erika was awesome.
She is an AMAZING soul. I’d say one of my tops.
We don’t get to see one another much…but we’ve got that ease in existing with one another.
Most people feel boarding school’s a punishment.
For the most part, it was one of the best experiences of my life
that brought with it great, unique and lasting friendships.

Last time we saw each other was in NYC, I had Nykya with me, so we didn’t get one on one time.
So this was really cool. We haven’t spent DAYS together since school.
On the way to the airport, I saw two blondes crossing the street.
Their long, shiny hair flowing in the wind as they hauled their luggage across the walkway.

I was like, “HA. She looks like a friend of mine.”

And little do you know, it was.

I opened the car door, popped over the roof and screamed her name.
Couldn’t stop as there were cars behind us and I was running late to the airport.

Got to the airport and bumped into 3 more people I know.
One pilot guy who I haven’t the foggiest recollection of how I know him…
but apparently we know each other quite well.

Is it possible to have alzheimer’s at 32?

Now imagine what happens when I go out at home.
If in one 4 day trip…I randomly bump into 5 different people I know who were also visiting Nassau.

It feels really good to see familiar faces when traveling.
Like a hot soup on a cold day.
Fills you up and makes you smile.

Called my parents when I landed.
Called all three phones.
Mom’s cell, dad’s and the house.

30 mins.
And still, nothing.

I was getting worried cuz my father ALWAYS gets his cellphone.

I started to wonder if they got into an accident.
Then I began to think how I’d feel if I lost them both.

Right now.

I called Indy.
Needed the comfort of her voice
so my mind wouldn’t go somewhere it didn’t need to.

after 50 mins my mother calls.

They were in church and it ran late.
I’m home now.

Home sweet home.

 Time to unwind.
Will work on pics tomorrow. The last few days absorbed the life outta me.
I ain’t no spring chicken anymore!!!

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