Adventures in Nassau….continued.

13 Jan

Decided to meet up with Patty to hit up a house party out in Treasure Cove.

Our glorious entertainment.
John and John.
Or as Erika and I call ’em…John squared.
They strummed the night away as we all tried to remember words to songs.
((No one knew the complete words of any song…sad. Really sad.))

Erika and spotted this shovel while looking out at the beach.
Both of us instantly thought of body burial for some reason.

Check the casual “oh yeah, just another boob grab. I’m immune to these now, don’t feel a thing.”
look on both their faces.

The Scorpion boots! Check dem socks eh?

Can’t end a great night out, WITHOUT the necessities!!!

Just a tad bit on the wonky side, don’t you think?

Erika double checkin’ da goods.

I’ve been everywhere but the United States this past year…
Pulled these outta the ATM in the casino.
They seem so foreign to me now.

$15.00 ATM withdrawal fee.
Thanks for the RAPING. My ass feels fabulous.

JUST realized the delivery fee.
After about 3 or 4 orders of room service.
(I had them bring up a bottle of water one time as well. And YES, I discovered they charged $3.50 to bring that up as well.)
It’s like, HELLO? It’s ROOM SERVICE. You’re supposed to DELIVER the shit.
And I just LOVE each time I get room service I get a stink ass look of, “Oh, you ain’t given a tip eh?”
It’s like, HELLO?!?!?! Ya 15% on there already biyatch!

Good I got food last night.
Couldn’t finish ma omelet.

STEVE!!!! Thought of you!!!

Awwwweeeee. A bee.
As you can see, Erika’s absent. Scaredy cat!

She ’bout flipped when she saw me do this!
I wuv my aminals.
Fear not nature. Fear YOUR destruction of it.

Fuck the Dog Whisperer.
I iz whisper ta E’RYT’IN’ livin!


OK, gotta go pee now!!!!!!!


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