Nassau, Bahamas, Dormie Reunions & TOO much alcohol

12 Jan

Was too on edge, with the caffeine from my coffee and the chaos that was going on around me…
so when Indy picked me up to drop me off to the airport
we made a bar stop.

Oooooh!!! GULLY WASH!!!!
(Coconut water, sweetened condensed milk, nutmeg and GIN!!!)
Lots and lots of GIN!


Bumped into Mr Incognito Tony at the airport.
So, bought a round of drinks to celebrate his FIRST DRINK OF THE YEAR!
Who better to kick of alcohol intake with, than ME!!!

Ahhh Celine. 3rd month and counting. Scar’s still there!

Some Bahama islands in transit from Freeport to Nassau.

The Bahamian way to pick up a friend from the airport.

My girl/boarding school dormie Erika!
YAY!!!! United!!!

I swear, why is it the CHEAP ASS motels have free wifi?

Had a few offers to stay at friends’ houses
but with the LONG ass day I had…

I needed some solitude.
Decided I really didn’t wanna budge too much today, so enjoying room service and another night of hotel living.
I used to stay with friends a lot when I traveled.
But in my old age, I’d rather pay and have my own space.

My bank account sure doesn’t like my need for peace and quiet!!!

Ahhh well.

Wish you were here.
Every hotel room seems such a waste without you here with me.
(Well, not EVERY! Hey, a girl’s gotta enjoy SOME distractions in life, no? ha ha)


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