Rise and Shine. Cara’s Back.

10 Jan

Went out last night with the intentions of getting ROYALLY fucked up.
It would have left me starting the day, backwards.
That is, whenever I actually gained consciousness and began my day.

But I didn’t.
Stayed the night at Indy’s instead.
Damn you Anthony, Nata and INDY!

But, damn you…in ways of a thank you.

Woke up at around 6ish? AM to the beautiful sounds of a young man’s voice.
No, younger.

Yes, I’ve taken cradle robber to an ENTIRELY new level.
Ha ha

I kid.

He’s a trip.
A little firecracker of randomness and heart.
Such a sweetie.
The internet went down, so instead…
I just sat on the couch after the boys finished their breakfast and observed them.
Made me smile;
With their quirkiness and the odd ball things they’d do and come up with.

Here was the scene at the backseat of my SUV this morning.

Heaven, no?

I’ve always been a kid at heart.
Don’t know why I waste so much time around all these boring, stiff ADULTS!

It’s after 9AM.
I’m up 3 hours earlier than usual.
I think it’s this house.
(I’m back home)
It just sucks the life outta me.

I was gonna make Indy’s a more permanent living quarters
(at least that was the initial plan when coming back)
but, it seems I’m attracted to the darkness.

This house is like a strong magnetic force
that I can’t seem to detach from
even though I know it’s not good for me.


C’est la vie.

I’m waiting on my friend in Nassau to get back to me.
Most likely gonna hop the 7:15PM flight out today.
It started off as a little reunion trip between dormies but now
I got some more pressing issues to deal with.

I don’t feel spectacular…but I feel productive and “sharp.”

Gonna organize some shit in the house, deal with the 3 suitcases I’ve dropped
from this past trip and a trip before and prep myself to attack LIFE again.


I bounce back.

But it takes a great fall to grab the strength to rise again.

With life’s sadness, heartbreaks and disappointments tucked away

Hope you are having a beautiful day.

Sappy, yes. But heard it and thought of you.
What beautiful, soothing thing, doesn’t. Right?
You know. Always. Unfortunately.
Sucks it’s only a partial song.


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