08 Jan

This is copied from my friend’s blog

Made me laugh and smile so I thought I’d post it to have to look back to.
Good times.

“People seem to enjoy GETTING into OTHER people’s business
when it’s unwarranted, but when it REALLY matters,
Where the fuck are you?”

It’s kind of a long story, but here goes.  Maybe 6 months ago, a friend wrote to me from the Bahamas, “I have a friend coming to Boulder & she’s a photographer.  Would love you to meet her!”  Being pulled in a million directions with the business, my kids, life in general, I didn’t have a lot of time prior to meeting her, to “Google” her or read her blog…  My nosey self didn’t even look through her photos on facebook- just her profile photo.
Gretchen & I show up at a bar in Boulder, around 4pm, & we met a cute Asian girl named “Cara Bear Chanderlust.”  Yes, I have no idea if that’s her real name, part of her real name, or a joke on everyone around her (especially for a mom with kids who like Care Bears… sounded kind of funny).  It was fun not knowing anything about her when we showed up.
Conversation started, she was incredibly personable, kind, & FUNNY.  Her accent was crazy- a mix of island (grew up in the Bahamas), a tiny bit of Asian, some Spanish, & whatever else I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  Her traveling stories were plentiful, enviable, & she was a mystery to me.  I have no idea how she funds her lifestyle, not that it’s anyone’s business, but it sure seems FUN!  Traveling ALL the time, raising money (by her owndoing) or funding a cause she believes in on her own, whilst meeting & greeting her thousands of friends worldwide.  Did I mention that she is a lesbian, & came on to me several times that night? I suppose that’s a sub-plot for another day.
Anyway- she wrote today about her view on “The World Enslaved,” & it was a very interesting read.  There were parts that stuck in my mind – about people turning their cheek when others are in need:  The above & below quotes are her words 🙂  (I know I speak this way sometimes, too, & I pretend I have a clean vocabulary for business purposes.  Ha!  SO, the below are her words, okay?!)
Bystander Effect/Genovese Syndrome.
It’s so damn common they’ve got a name for it. It’s the label for the social
phenomenon where “bystanders” witness an emergency situation and do not offer
any assistance to the victim when other people are present.
I’ll let someone else deal with it. Not my problem.
Cara is extremely passionate about Sex Slavery & Human Trafficking.  You can read more of her above quotes HERE.  It’s an interesting time right now, with many noteworty causes to give to.  For some, their “charity” is at home… just trying to make ends meet during the holidays.  For others, a little disposable income or spare change could make a huge difference outside of their everyday run to Starbucks for themselves, or buying their kids another present for under the tree.  Even giving your time, to enlighten others about a cause that is passionate to you, is a nice thing to do.  Now- & always.
Cara isn’t asking for donations or help with anything.  She just posted something that struck a chord with her (& consequently, me).  I agree with her – so many people say they want to help, need to help & will help… but when it comes down to it, their actions are muted by their words, instead of louder than.
Find a cause to support if you can, & if you need help finding one, email me- I have plenty that need you.
**I don’t consider myself a lesbian, FYI. I just like the FINER things in life.**
Cutie pie Erin and I.
(Jamie’s our mutual friend in the Bahamas, also…a yummy morsel of a being!)
**Also, this pic doesn’t do her justice. THIS CHICK is smokin’ in person!**
Like H-A-W-T…
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