The 11th Commandment…Thou Shalt NOT be Gay

08 Jan

God gave Moses 11 commandments…
but Moses miscalculated the space on the 2 stone tablets he had
and was like, “Oops” and just went with it.
Can’t keep the crowd waiting!

It’s AMAZING how “Christians” make being GAY such a HEADLINER.
“God,” apparently, sent forth these 10 specific commandments.
I don’t see anyone killing, ostracizing or alienating adulterers.
Cuz there’s PLENTY O’DEM ’round this self-proclaimed “Christian” Nation of the Bahamas.

It’s mind-boggling how some use their religion as an excuse and “right” to hate.

In life, if we could only have ONE religion:


Then there would be nothing to combat, misinterpret or mis-construe.

You’d just have to make each conscious decision, asking yourself…is this done out of hate, jealousy, anger..
or love?

And if we choose each step, towards that in love, imagine the possibilities?

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Posted by on January 8, 2012 in Bahamas, Life, Religion/God/Spirituality


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