My Mother’s Ringtone

08 Jan

I don’t carry around cellphones.
I have a few for different countries, but that’s just for directions or making sure I have contact if I’m meeting with someone.

Here, in the Bahamas…
I don’t like carrying one.

If someone is supposed to find me, they will.
I like email or Facebook.
You write, I’ll read and respond on my time.
Phone calls are too instant and disruptive.
I like my silence.

My peace.


Well, my mother has found a way to reach me.
She calls the person I’m mostly around

we decided to give her a ringtone.

It starts from the 9th sec and ends on 18th.
I forgot about the ringtone until she called the other day.
Cracked me the fuck up.

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Posted by on January 8, 2012 in Family


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