Brain’s in Shock & So’s My ASS

06 Jan

Went to sleep around…ummmm…2ish – 3AM?
Woulda went to sleep earlier, but an episode of The New Adventures of Old Christine came on.
That show cracks me up.
I’m not a channel surfer.
My brain’s just not wired to do such tasking and mundane functions.

I leave that for my friends.
I usually just keep the tv on as back fill…
unless I know something specific is on and I can directly plug in the channel.

I woke up this morning at 7ish AM.
I slept over at a friend’s and they’ve got the sun shining into the bedroom…
Plus, I had to pee.

Don’t you HATE that?
Oh oh…plus it’s FREEZING in their house…

So, it’s COLD, it’s EARLY but I have to pee.
I so don’t like that.
The need to get out from under the warmth and shelter of blankets.
(I wish I could get a catheter during times of low temperatures!)
Froze my ass off on the toilet!

Have they invented seat warmers for toilet seats?
Cuz man, that’d be much appreciated.
Maybe a portable cover so I can take it along my travels.


Let’s do a search.

Yay!! Toastie Tush to the RESCUE!!!!

A nap would be cool, but…I know that’s not gonna happen.
It’s hard for me to nap in the day unless I’m DEATHLY hangover.

I’ve gone over 36 hours without sleep once.
(natural…meaning, without drugs)

I just kept getting 2nd winds and going, going, going.
Couldn’t sleep.

Right. I’m still not at home, so can’t be anti-social.
Hope your day’s a good one and your toilet “adventures” are warm and cozy from now on!


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