Oh….GOOD times. NOT. But “Kissing Cara is like Addiction.” Makes it ALL better! ha ha

04 Jan

I have a bad memory.

That’s what makes my forgiving so easy…
I forget!

ha ha ha

I remember, when I was younger, my best friend threw my skateboard in the pool.
Then, consequently…I did the same.

What else?

We both parted ways and I went to my house.
After a few hours…
I was like, awwwwwwww. I miss Alexander.
So, went over to his house.
Saw him through the window.
He was playing on the computer.

Like, OMG. He must have remained angry for DAYS!


I only have anger for those who are TRULY evil.
Like, TRULY and CONSCIOUSLY are out there to FUCK with peoples lives.
Other than that, man. I’m chill.

Must be why I stay looking as RAVISHINGLY young, as I do.


Was having an amazing evening tonight.
Seen friends that I haven’t seen in a while
and ate the most SCRUMPTIOUS of foods.

While we were talking about ME, cuz ummmmm…who else would we talk about???
Someone commented: “Kissing Cara is like Addiction.”

ha ha ha

I like that.

Really put a smile on my face and I never knew she thought that way.
**thumbs up!!!!**

All in all, an AWESOME night…………


Yes, as always, there’s a THEN.
Mom’s drunk.
Dad and I want to go home.
(I knew I shoulda taken another car, things woulda been less…how do you say, “SPICY?”)

As always, she thinks dad and I are “attacking” her and teaming up on her.

Among many other things, and “sweet” words…
my father and I are: “hopeless” to live with and if she dies tomorrow she’d be happy cuz then she’d be rid of us.

After soooooooo many months. Almost even close to dare I say, “years??”
I’ve forgotten that which I escape.
Until tonight.

It was the longest ride home in a while.

Amazing how much hurt and cruelty can come out of such a tiny package.
I was in the back of the car, with a STRONG voice and strong words…

but I dare not let her see me cry.
Cuz at the end of it, my eyes began to moisten…cuz it’s like FUCK.


How can her perception be so damn distorted?
And how can she say such hurtful and evil things?

 Yes, now it all floods back.
Yes, aha! Now I remember why I feel like such a worthless piece of shit sometimes.


By George, I think she’s GOT IT!

Her way, or no way.
Make Daisy happy…or go to hell.


Well, it IS the year of the Dragon…

so no surprise that the “Dragon Lady” strikes again.
Yes, that is what we call her. I even mentioned it in front of a judge, in court one time.

Fun times.


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