The Sweet Taste of Happiness – 2012 – So far, so good. No, great!

03 Jan

Sorry so late today.
Dad had my camera.

Plus, it’s cold, so I’m not functioning normally.
**Damn cold front!**

Bed felt TOO good to leave. I love my comforter.
Right, on to pics of the last few days…

My mom, hiding from ghosts apparently, cuz no one came outside.
And no, I had NOTHING to do with this. She thought of this “crafty” plan
ALL by herself.

My sweet Bobby. Mom rustled him outta bed to join us on the boat.
He went fishing at 3AM and came back around 8AM or so.
Yes, great ideas when coming home drunk, but he got up. Awwwwww.

Our family friend John bought a double decker bus. Yes, he’s just crazy like that.
We took it out east the other day.

Bobby collected coconuts off the bus! A double decker definitely comes in handy around here!

Gwynn enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

My daddy playing redneck asian for the day.

Johnny boy drivin’ da bus with his FEROCIOUS guard dog.

Lorraine, Aunty Kathy and momma.

One of the many suitors my mother has lined up for me.
His momma wants grand babies though…and won’t accept me using a surrogate.

My redneck asian parents.

I dunno WHY everyone freaked out that I grabbed onto a power line.
I just don’t.
Next time I’mma try swing on it.

Sweet day out on the water.

Headed over to join the gang as they watched some college football game.
This is my crazy sweetness Sinardo.
He has such a sweet ass, it makes me wanna be a gay guy so I can bend him over and bang him.

Flippy cup tutorial.
We start ’em young here in the Bahamas.
We should start a national team…

One reason I can find to have a baby.
For my own entertainment…

Custom chocolate shoe Kathy had made in Europe for my daddy.
Why she got HIM a heel, is beyond me.

This boat came into our docks.
Awwwwwwwww. I miss my Nederland peeps!!!!


That’s it for today.
So far, my choice in relationship has been a good one.
Hope your 2012 has started as sweetly as mine has.

Kisses to you.

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