Need Time for my NEW Relationship

02 Jan

This is gonna be fast.
Rushing out the house. Gonna head out on the boat.
Was rustled out of my peaceful tanning session poolside…
(even though I warned folks to NOT disturb me!!!)


My parents are heading out on the boat with friends
and asked me to go.
So, I’m going.

(No, not THIS kinda relationship!! PSSSHT!)

I was never the main relationship in my parents life…
and they, consequently, were never mine.

Until now.

We are all putting in the effort, so I can’t shoot them down when they reach out.
On a last minute request, spent the day with them yesterday as well.
Or, at least, a good amount of hours.

When I was younger, they were busy with their businesses and social schedules
and well, I had motorcycles starting from the age of 4.

Needless to say, the door of the house was like a revolving door.
Constantly turning.
No one existing inside for too long…

Thereby, not much me and them time.
Then, I went off to school at 14

and well

that was basically it.

I stayed in the US for a good amount of time after high school
and never quite made the Bahamas my home again.

I don’t ever want to regret NOT taking the time out for my parents…

so this is why

I have now made them my MAIN relationship.
I’ve been lost in so many, putting them on the back burner.
Whether they be girlfriends, or just friends.

Time to be more conscious of my choices in life…

cuz, well, we don’t live forever now do we?

Right, gotta run.

Happy Second Day of 2012!


Mommy and daddy.


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