2012 Enter the DRRRRAGON!!!!

01 Jan

We have entered the YEAR of the DRAGON!

I dunno. I like the look of it.
(the actual arrangement of numbers)
Feels more complete than 2011.
It’s like it has a solid beginning and end.

I stayed home last night.
I partied the night before, and with the passing of my friend’s dad
plus picking up my mom’s little teacup yorkie, Coco
I decided I just wanted to chill and be with the dogs.
Felt kinda guilty leaving them home alone.

Plus, at this time of year, there are a lot of break ins…

So I was with them, guarding the house while mommy and daddy went out to play.


This January is very important.
It will be the tipping point to the year.
A GREAT January…will mean 2012 and beyond will rock.
And vice versa.

I’m keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed.
(I’ve got the bangs and bruises to prove it!)


I’ve been working on something for months for my parents.
It’s for both of them, but mainly for my dad.
It’s something I know that’ll make him proud and KNOW he hasn’t failed as a father.

I don’t feel I’ve done much with my life.
At least, not in their eyes.
I’m not a chaser of degrees, or fame, or money, or power.

I’ve basically lived my life by sucking out all the fun I can out of it.
It’s like I’m trying to convince myself to keep going.
I don’t work to live.
(most people wonder if I work at all)

I work at making life worth living.
I’m not a doctor, or a lawyer, or a dentist, or engineer.
All things “asian” families seem to take pride in.
And all things my cousins ARE.
But, why would I wanna work so hard at a degree, finish and then WORK?
I just feel like that’s so much of one’s life, “working?”

I THOUGHT about being a doctor, as I love knowing about the workings of the human anatomy…
but it’s too much school.
When I was in University a lot of the Ophthalmology professors wanted me to join their department
but I think I’d shoot myself if I lived day in and day out asking:
“Better one, better two.”
I LOVE architecture, but…again.
TOO much school.
(However, I am planning to learn the necessities to possibly work along with an architect to do future home designs – one of my passions)
My first ever chosen degree was EE.
(Electrical engineering)
Just cuz my uncle told my parents and my parents told me.
I was on my way to an IV League education of engineering…
Thank God I dropped that track!
I always thought of becoming a lawyer as well, but I dreamt about pro bono work.
But again, TOO MUCH school…


I don’t wanna have to look all “put together” and suited up all the time.
I like my shorts and sandals attire.

And, my God…I don’t think I could have a Facebook page like I do now.
ha ha ha

I WOULD HATE to have to censor myself just for a job/career.

A job/career seems to take so much of a person’s life already…
shit, I couldn’t imagine dealing with THAT plus having it infiltrate my personal life.

My brain can’t focus nor do anything for long periods of time.
I couldn’t imagine investing my time and money into ONE career.
Cuz I’d never stick to it.
I dabble into everything that strikes my curiosity.
I’m a glorified CLUSTER FUCK.

I blame my Chinese upbringing and Dim Sum.
Too many damn choices and I want to try them ALL!
Oh yeah, and also Sunday brunches.


Anyways…if there is ONE thing I can wish for and have come true for this new year
it’s this ONE thing for my parents.
I want to take all the 32 years I’ve been on this earth, put them together, explode all their energy into 2012
and have them feel that they
have the best child a mother and father can ask for.

I can’t have my father leave this earth without looking back and smiling with pride when he thinks
of me as his daughter.

He’s such an amazing person, I owe him at least that.

Wish me luck


stay tuned.

I hope your New Year has started off spectacularly.
It’s the year of the dragon.
Let’s fire things up, shall we!?!?!?!


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