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I’ve finally found a CAREER!! At the Austrian International School of Sex (Video included)

$1900 a semester.
I need to go see this shit for myself.
Like, OMG.

Opened by a Swedish artist and former erotic TV hostess named Ylva-Maria Thompson.

Yeah no. Not Ylva-Maria. But, came up during the search.
Thought you’d appreciate. In any event, I did.

Here’s Ylva-Maria

From their site:
The world’s first school of practical sex. Though our courses include both history and modern sexual theory, the emphasis is on how to be a better lover. Sexual positions, caressing techniques, anatomical features- these are the AISOS disciplines. And we teach you hands on. Now, please explore our site.

I’mma need to see some pics of the professors.

Their ad.

Here’s their site if you want to check out more.

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LOVE THIS!!!!!! – Marriage, Bible-style


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Shit Bahamians Say

Great for the “homesick” moments.

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Day 2: The Gods are NOT Communicating

So, I spoke to the Cyber Gods yesterday.
I think they got in touch with the Sun God…

Cuz it’s out.


However, I forgot to have them contact the Sky Gods
cuz it’s cloudy.


My ex wrote me yesterday.
Talk about out of the blue.
Wonder if she saw my “Can’t stand you” blog.

Or, maybe the Cyber Gods contacted her Mental Gods which had her contact me.

So, Facebook’s IPO’s gonna be unleashed.
Taking its worth from $75 billion to $100 billion.

Between 2009 and 2011, Facebook’s revenues grew at a 127% annual rate to $3.8 Billion in 2011 with operating profit of $1.5 Billion.
I think it’s still grossly overvalued…
but that’s just me.

My cousin just got engaged.
I told him to stop doing adult things, cuz it’s making me feel old.

(He’s younger)

Wanna see a pic of us when we were babies?


I know, I know. Fuckin’ cute.

And Andrew throwing up gang signs.
I miss my cousins.

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Day 1: Not off to a good start

But, being the flexible little reed that I am, willing to bend with the ever-changing winds…
I shall survive!

Went to bed around 4AM…
Up and showered by 9:30AM.

I had in my head yesterday that’d I’d start this Monday
like an adult in the working world.
With Coffee.

Starbucks to be exact.
My Grande Soy White Chocolate Mocha.

But those plans got a bit smudged.
Trying not to let the world crumble at my feet because my “vision” wasn’t
going as planned…

I took a deep breath and made me a smoothie instead.


Countdown to Vegas: 10 days.
Sun, where art thou?
Momma needs to get her tan on.

I finished off an important letter I’ve been procrastinating on for weeks
**pats back**

Productivity for the day?? – Check!

Let’s look at the weather for the next 10 days.

(This was on the homepage. Glad that’s NOT ME!!!)

C’mon. Showers and clouds?!?!?!
Gimme something to work with here people!
I’m going to cold ass, weak sun Europe!!

I need my SUN!!!!!

There. I’ve voiced my request to the cyber Gods.
Hopefully they pass it on to the Sun one.


Happy Monday ALL!!!


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I really gotta stop watching things that make me cry.

I’m a tough little cookie.
Don’t let the tears fool you.
There are just certain things that just tug at the heart strings which turn on the flow.

My mom used to be a main one.
Still is I guess.
I dunno.

Guess there’s some real trauma in there somewhere.
I remember one time, one of my exes and I were at a friend’s house.
As I was hearing how dedicated his mother was to him and his happiness…
I started to tear up.

Cuz I thought that was beautiful…
and plus, I guess, a part of me wished my mother was like that.
I dunno.
It was too long ago to remember the exact feeling.
But I began to tear up.

When we left the house, my girlfriend yelled at me for tearing up.

That’s why she’s an EX.
Heartless wench.

Then, there’s suffering.
I think my compassion meter is set too damn high.

I have a HIGH pain tolerance.
I don’t cry, but laugh in the face of pain.
Like, literally.

I was a tomboy growing up, I felt I always had to be tougher than the guys.
Tougher, better, stronger, faster.
Well, that all changed after puberty.


Naturally stronger.

Grrrrr. I hate you.

Whenever I’d have a bad fall and injure myself, I’d just laugh it off.
Never cry.
Just laugh.
And depending on the injury, hop up and down yelling obscenities.

I’ve stood up to big ass men
and even broke a police officer’s arm once.

I’m a toughy.

ha ha

So these tears man?
I dunno.

I just…


Guess it gives me my softer side so I can still be considered human.

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Hayley – World’s Oldest Teenager

Now 13, her body has the medical age of a 104-year-old woman.
She has Progeria.

Progeria comes from Greek words “pro” meaning “before”, and “géras” meaning “old age”.

It gives children the appearance of accelerated aging…
along with symptoms of old age.

The world’s just filled with crazy ass diseases and malfunctions. Huh?
Just a little tweak in our genetic makeup and POOF.
Entirely different results.

She’s going to try the “forever young drug” rapamycin.
(A bacterium found in the soil on Easter Island)
It has helped other patients with Progeria.
And has found to “reverse the effects of premature aging in human cells.”

 Such a sweet, positive and strong young lady.
I think more youth need to feel hardships…it builds character.
Shit that seems a bit lacking in today’s spoiled generation.

❤ All the best Hayley!!! ❤


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