I’m Being Unfaithful

22 Dec

One time, I was caught up in a 3 way tug-of-war.
One I thought I ended, another that had already begun and then YOU coming back into my life.
3 people I cared for and loved.
3 people I wanted to keep happy.

And there I was, stuck as to who to choose.

In the end, someone always gets hurt
and that’s why I’ll NEVER get “dating.”

I can’t give myself “partially”
it just doesn’t seem fair.
Enjoying a nice evening with one person
then another with the next.

Unless, that is…it’s just “fun”
Commitment is not the game and each of you know the “rules.”

My door is still cracked open to you so I’m shut off to the “world”
until I can finally lock you out forever.

If ever.

This blog (today) was actually inspired by ME using the new 17″ Macbook Pro
I just had shipped in.

My other laptop, a Toshiba 18.4″ has not been giving me any problems lately.
It’s like, it KNEW it was about to be replaced and has been “behaving.”
It’s at Indy’s house. I left it there the other night.

I feel, guilty.
I feel like I’m cheating on my other laptop.

Time has made me forget all the HEADACHES it’s put me through.
How, after 2 weeks of getting the damn thing, it was causing me problems.
How, I treated it the BEST, out of all the others, and still
the piece of shit gave me grief.

And now, ever since I’ve threatened to replace it
it’s been performing beautifully.


Do machines have feelings?

My Mac doesn’t perform any AMAZING function that BLOWS my Toshiba out the water
so it feels I stepped up, because it’s a new “relationship”
but, not much different, just a different package.

(And NOW, I have to learn to live without my beloved RIGHT CLICK!)

Learning to adapt to my new “woman” is gonna be a pain.
Hence why it took me so long to convert.
I liked things, as is. Like, I enjoyed everything with you.
But I guess…

Sometimes, you just gotta bite the bullet and move on.

Ahhhh well. Whatever. I wanted to start 2012 fresh.
So here it goes.
Now to load the sucker up with software.

I hope my guilt doesn’t have me lugging around BOTH laptops.


Yes, it’s not a surprise.




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