Gotta Appreciate a Woman Who Knows Her Way Around the Kitchen!

19 Dec

It’s 4:40AM.
Gotta catch a taxi to the airport in less than an hour.
Can’t sleep, so…might as well post something.


Sunday, which seems more like yesterday than two days ago
my friend Sarah invited Dimitri and I over for dinner.
A home cooked meal. YUMMY!

I met Sarah, randomly, as I was sitting outside on a bench at the entrance of the hotel.
Turns out, she’s best friends with my “husband” Dimitri.
How cool is that?


Sarah prepping up the ingredients for her lasagna.

My equally as diabolical and mutually enabling “husband”

So good!!!! Thanks again Sarah!!

You make me feew so spwecial!

Niels. Ain’t he a cutie?
I didn’t feel like snapping pics, so I had to steal this off of his Facebook profile.
ha ha
He joined us later, after work.

One of my fav pics of the DOUBLE TROUBLE sister duo
Marpessa and Nathalja
(Saturday night Shenanigans that almost left me too spent for Sunday dinner)

RIGHT Holland.
It’s been GRAND.

But, this little chink’s gotta get her WARM on!!!!

Hey Bahamas…in less than 24 hours, I’m ALL YOURS!


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Posted by on December 19, 2011 in Alcohol & Drugs, Bahamas, Food, Holland


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