Quoth the Raven: NEVERMORE!!!!!!!!!!

07 Dec

(Took the pic with flash cuz, as CELINE doesn’t believe me, the lighting in the hotel room has a HIGHLY yellow tint. NO, it is NOT just my ASIAN-NESSSSSSSS!!!)


I don’t want any visitors
or ringing

and no tapping at my “chamber” door.

Leave me ALONE!

It tis December, but not yet bleak.
If my sleep is further interrupted from this day forth, it SHALL be, for someone!

I finally managed to fall asleep around 6AM.
HOWEVER, received a phone call at 7AM.


Twas my Brazilian friend Leonardo.
Bless his soul, he didn’t know any better…

however, I’m taking steps to ensure I will NEVERMORE be disrupted
by the shrieky SHRILL of this monstrous device.
Damn you Alexander Graham Bell!

Most people around me know I don’t do phones.
It’s too much of an immediate form of contact.
(Not to mention highly disruptive!!!)

I like email/Facebook.
I can read and receive when I’m DAMN WELL and READY.
And, unless you have a blackberry or whatever, the receival of such forms of contact


Ahhhhh. Silence.

Much appreciated!

I went back to sleep after my LAST and FINAL phone call EVER in this room…
and slept til 2:30PM.
I feel hungover.

Like, consuming sleep after the withdrawals of not having any.
You’d think I’d feel refreshed after so many days averaging about 2 hours of sleep a night.
I feel my day slightly wasted, but whatever.
I’mma take some sleep every now and again.
It’s probably “healthy”

wouldn’t ya say?

ha ha

Right, maybe I should eat something.
I’m supposed to meet Anthony for the first time since I’ve been back in Holland.
We’re gonna take Rick and Keen out to Den Haag, that is, if they’re still up for it.
We’ve out-done Rotterdam.

Need a change of scenery.

Tchau for now.
(Wonder what the bets are on me actually getting some decent sleep tonight?? What say you??)


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