The War is Making You POOR Act

06 Dec

Well fuckin’ DUH.

As America loses itself in reality television, celebrity gossip, fashion, technology, etc
its economy is taking an accelerated dive.
I really can’t see how in the hell it is POSSIBLE to recover.
At least, not any time soon.

“The War is Making You Poor”

Who didn’t know that?
Since 2001 the cost of war is up to 1.3 TRILLION dollars and rising.

1 trillion DOLLARS a year is spent JUST in maintenance of military bases around the world.

If the US National Debt is at about $80 TRILLION dollars
(All costs and debts combined)

how will the debt gap close?

The problem with the US, is the government doesn’t LEAD by example
and they’ve spoiled their “children” while not balancing their own budgets
in the meantime expecting their little ones to behave in a more responsible manner.

Unemployment and welfare.
Crutches of society which are mainly ABUSED.
I always said I wished I worked more so I’d be eligible for unemployment.

ONLY a joke, but still…I made it because of all the people I know that have used it.
I’ve bumped into people on my travels, who were also TRAVELING, living off of FREE (government) money while “enjoying life.”

Like, whoa.
I’d like a few ALL-EXPENSE paid trips!

Then, there’s the Welfare Child Benefit payment.
Like, WTF.

YOU decided to have children, why should you be paid the tax dollars from others to help
raise your child?


I believe you should actually be TAXED.
Placing a tax on each child may help control the population of baby making machines.
Food for thought, no?

It can serve as a wake-up call asking: Are you SURE you’re ready? (to take on the responsibility of a child)

Some people can’t even take care of themselves without becoming a burden on their
families and society

some of these same people end up having CHILDREN!

And population control is a problem, WHY?!?!?!
We hunt down deer when they become a problem, why not people?
Ha ha

Do you know WHY I don’t have children?
(Of my own or adopted)

**Besides the fact I find the entire process just ALIEN?**

Since I was 15 or so, I didn’t find it in my nor the child’s best interest
to become a parent, if I didn’t at least have $1 million dollars CASH in the bank.
It was my quantitative safety net for the “rainy” days.

The last thing I wanted to stress about was providing for a family
and having a child of mine be in an unstable environment; be it financially or emotionally.
I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Who does?

That instability is what helps convince me that my decision of presently roaming through
life childless, is a good one.
I mean, good God. I’d think you’d seriously be demented to have a child
right now. Economies around the world are currently so shaky and unpredictable.

One can not live in fear of the unknown

but, I’ll leave that “adventure” to the next guy.


As I say: Better YOU than me.

The majority of the world is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous.
If you can accept that fact

then all the shit that piles up and surrounds you won’t be so hard to understand.

The World needs to become one, stop fighting, shut down their egos, relinquish needs for POWER
and solely concentrate on the well-being of the human population as a whole.

Yeah. YOU DEFINITELY see THAT happening, huh?

Just face it, we’re fucked.
Find something to make you laugh, cuz you won’t wanna face what’s coming.


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