Las Muertas de Juárez – The Dead Women of Juárez (Mexico)

02 Dec

Stranger than fiction, yet fabulous.

My life is one serendipitous moment after the next. It’s like everyday
I’m living out scenes from a movie.
Each magical connection after the next keeps me in awe.
I’m telling you fighting the forces is a waste of energy.
FLOW grasshopper.



As you know, I don’t socialize while traveling.
I like to maintain silence and anonymity.

Just think of me as the Marlboroman loner
without the 5 o’clock shadow and formidable exterior.


On the times that I do venture outside my solitude, I’ve met friends for life.
Or, people who become stepping stones that aid me in catapulting towards the directions I seek.

The flight from Newark to Amsterdam is my best flight to date.
I was sandwiched in by two delightful, grounded and well-educated individuals.

Both Dutch and currently living abroad.

I would love to meet up with them again on THIS trip to Holland
but as I’m realizing, the days are quickly zipping by.
(I’m actually having a mini panic attack because it’s the 3rd!!)

Already the 3rd!

I left the Bahamas on the 1st and the 2nd seems to have just disappeared.
I have so many people and things to do crunched into a little over 2 weeks.


(Sitting Buddha style chatting “Ommmm, ommm. Cara, you can do this.”)

We discussed many topics in regards to the present condition of the world.
The one that stood out to me is the current situation in Juárez. (nicknamed the capital of murdered women – I know right? Charming!)

Femicide. (feminicidios)

Women are being brutally hunted and murdered because of the simple fact that they are women.
The victims have mainly been young women; students and maquiladoras (factory workers is a fairytale translation, we’re talking sweatshop workers)

The bodies that have been discovered were sexually violated, tortured or in worse cases

Again, we see the sad misfortunes brought about by globalization and the desperation
of those reaching out for a better life.

I have many dear and amazing Mexican friends, both male and female.
It’s mindboggling to think that they come from the same country as these monsters
where a woman’s life is not revered and at the very least, respected.
The government of Mexico terminated the investigations of these murders.
It’s basically a slap, no PUNCH in the face of the victims and their families.
In addition to, setting a MAJOR example to the chauvinistic and ignorant
idiots of their society that

YES, women are disposable rags, worth no more than garbage that may be
violated and used up as sexual objects
for the mere pleasures of men.


Marije and Tom, my new mates, both have backgrounds in Gender Studies.
(among other disciplines)
I could listen to them go on for hours.
I hope I get the chance to before 2011 ends and I head back across the Atlantic.

That’s it for me.
I’m just acquainting myself with the subject.
Needed to release, maybe now I can get some sleep.

I will be trying my best to remain focused on topics like these…

cuz seriously, how can we continue to live in such a heartless and barbaric world?

Wish more people would just give a shit.

Marije suggested the movie Bordertown.
It’s with Jennifer Lopez, Martin Sheen and Antonio Banderas. Check it out if you haven’t.
Very intense and factual.

Tori Amos actually wrote a song back in the 90s about Juárez.

I know I’ve been slacking on the “Save the World” Cara missions
but hopefully with more and more “gems” being introduced into my life
it’ll keep me structured and focus.

2012…I’m OWNING YOU!


Who’s comin?

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