I’m Going to Open a Crackhouse!

28 Nov

In a land which has built itself up with histories such as bootlegging, drug dealing and human trafficking
I guess it’s safe NOT to expect nothing more of its present day.

The other day, I accompanied someone to the City Market plaza in Lucaya.
We approached a location with blacked out windows.
The doors are always locked.
You need to be buzzed in.
Once in, there’s a wall and a sign that says:

“No children beyond this point”

(Mind you, this is “supposed” to be an internet cafe)

However, there are no computers.
Just tellers behind tinted glass.

It’s a numbers business with the name “Chances.”
New Image and RH Culmer
are also connected to the same “business.”

“RH” – Rum Headquarters.

Was so easy to find out info.
It’s “common” knowledge among locals…

So…..HOW in the HELL is an ILLEGAL business have STORES now??
Like the damn police don’t know.


Yes, it IS Better in the Bahamas.

The land of corruption, drugs and illegal activity.
No wonder you can find so many “entitled” attitudes…

The country’s “spoiling” their “children” by letting them run rampant

Corruption breeds corruption faster than it eradicates it.


Why don’t we just hop off our Christian Council High Horse and just
legalize “Numbers” (the Lotto)
so the country can gain and hopefully pull itself up and out of its financial conundrum?

The Catholic Church (raffle) does it, so why shouldn’t a “Christian” nation?


So, with this…

I’ve decided to open up a crackhouse.

Question now is:

Location, location, location!

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