Got Time for a Quickie?

24 Nov

I gotta run.
I promised Indy I’d go to her house early before the other dinner guests start to flood in.
Got a sweet hour and a half by the pool.
Need to top up the color before the European winter wipes it away.

Nelson’s cage is next to the sliding door.

I kinda almost forgot he was gone until I saw the empty cage.
As I laid out by the pool, tears began to sweep down my face.

I began to wonder, what thoughts were running through his head as he began to fade.
Was he scared?
Did he feel alone?
Did it hurt?

It just goes to show you, you never know.
All this time I’ve been worrying about Gucci

and Nelson was the one to go.

I feel bad. All his life, I wished that he liked me
cuz then, I could play with him more and keep him company.

The only time he’s ever really come to me, is ONCE when I had to save the sucker when he flew into the canal.
(He was on the boat at the time)

I hope, if he were ever sad or lonely
that he’s finally found peace.

I dunno.
I’d never get a bird and just cage him up.
Or, I’d get love birds so they could keep each other company


get LAID every now and again.


Speaking of DEAD birds…


Right, time to go!!!


YA VOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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