Butterflies, Dragonflies and Blue Eyes

23 Nov

(On my trip to Mexico)

Today, in an area with highways, buildings and construction, I was suddenly surrounded by a beautiful blend of butterflies and dragonflies. What do you think that means? They delicately danced around me, floating weightlessly and at a comfortable distance; not intruding in on my space.

Remember when mom died and everywhere we went, we saw yellow butterflies?

Her favorite?


I live on the top floor of my building, so for a moment, as it was just me, I felt lifted into a bubble of air and transported within the space they existed; just them and I, lighter than feathers.


The entire experience, which may have lasted no more than 30 seconds, had me smiling and thinking of you.

It’s been 12 years, since our first kiss and 8, since my heart became yours…

like a tattoo…





If everything, as they say, happens for a reason, let’s see if the sum of everything that pulled us apart, will eventually bring us back together.


Until then…

I push

I run

I hide

and (subconsciously I know) I wait.



Like Sinead O’Connor sang, years ago…NOTHING compares.

Living for your happiness and surrounded by your love, smiles, laughter and arms…

Fueled the best in me and for 8 years, I’ve been running. Running away, from the emptiness that lurks around random corners, pouncing on me when I least expect it. It is in these moments, I wish the most to dissolve. Stop, DROP, exhale and dissolve back into US. 


You are the only destination I’ve found so far that brings me everlasting peace and, even if for just one day, I’d give everything I have to visit you


because when I had nothing, I had everything…


I had you.




I love you, my blue eyes.

Always, always and always.


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