Us Against the World

20 Nov

Steve put up

“The One That Got Away” from Katy Perry.



I didn’t cry.
Could’ve but I’m taking steps to put this all behind me.
To choose “the other” destiny.
You were NEVER the one that got away, but the one that was ripped away.

I’d never make a mistake or do anything for the one for me to


But what can you do, when the army you’re fighting against, captures one member of a double team?
I cut my hair today.
8 inches.

Fresh NEW start.

Planned a while back to cut off 10″ so I could donate it to Locks of Love…
but today, I’ve decided…I’m going to help


I don’t HAVE a non-profit/group/organization trying to fix ME
when I’m down. So, I decided not to be

Mother Teresa for a while.

I’ve done it for too many years of my life.
Is it good if you help?
Yes, I guess.
Is it bad if you don’t?

Either direction, is the same.
So I’ve decided to choose the latter
and focus on ME.

My goals, my dreams…

and everything I’ve always put off, because of you
or anyone else I’ve placed before me.

I’ve never been the same, since that night.
And I’m going to work on finding her.
Bringing her back home.


I’m going to stop THINKING so damn much
and just live.
Get out.

What comes, comes.
I’m letting our fairytale


I hope one day you’ll grow some balls
so that the ones around you can BACK off and respect you
instead of run over you, from the past to the present.

I’m hurt, I’m disappointed and I’m shattered
Letting go, isn’t an easy choice

but I can’t keep concentrated on building a life

for someone that I may not even


Life hasn’t shown me that dreams don’t come true.
Your weakness has.

I find the stones to create my own road in life.
You wait for them to be made for you to walk on.

I can’t do it.

In my eyes, you’ve given up
and I’m not about to wait around to see if you make it to the finish line.

You were always my end, you were always the one…
but Happy Endings aren’t blessed to those who wait.

They’re granted to those

willing to take a stand.

Forever, just ended.

The song that reminded your mom of us.

Great memories. Beautiful dreams.
Life, unrealized.

Time, to move on.

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