On the 2012 list: Indonesia – Coming?

08 Nov

It’s 5:47AM.
I’ve been up since 5AM.
Decided to “be productive” again.
Grabbed laundry out the dryer and sorted it
and now, have decided to upload some AMAZING underwater pics my friend William took.

I’ve been meaning to, for a VERY long time, but either forget…
or can’t be bothered.

Mostly everything I do in life, goes by flow.
If it doesn’t “flow” I don’t do it.
(at least, not anymore)

I met William through my Singaporean friend, Keen.
When I saw these pics, it showed me a “new” world to get into.
I’ve put down the camera for a while now.
I haven’t felt inspired to do anything with it, for a very long time.


Even longer.
I haven’t went scuba diving in…???
Over 5. I can’t remember now.
It was never really a passion. I just did it for fun and to entertain friends when they visited.
(I don’t know if you remember, but my parents owned a dive center, back in the day)

When I saw these pics, I was like…

GOTTA get into THAT!
So yeah, next year, you can find me underwater with these freaky creatures.

Skeleton Shrimp



Anemone Shrimp


Cuddle Fish


Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse


ha ha



My favorite.
I LOVE the colors on this guy.


Pretty damn cool huh?


Check out his center’s FB page.


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