Surrounded by Cuties and Lovin’ it.

06 Nov

It’s 7:09AM.
Fairly Odd Parents is playing in the background.
Do you know what that show is?
If Kaylie were still a little girl, you probably would.
It’s a Nick cartoon.

The boys are up watching it.
(Matthew – 8; his friend Riley – 9)

I’ve been waking up early since I arrived back in the Bahamas.
Could be jetlag, but it could also be the innate necessity to be productive.
I’m really happy being home.
It’s weird.

I could almost get used to staying here, permanently.
I said, ALMOST.

As I was setting up my laptop on the breakfast table, I heard the stairs creek
as foots made their way down it.
I decided to be “Cara”
I hid on its edges and POUNCED on whoever was coming down.
ha ha ha
Scared the daylights out of the guys.

Indy, Nata and I watched a movie after coming home last night.
“Thank You”
One of my fav Bollywood films, well except for ONE major part, but I don’t want to spoil the movie.
I watched it on my Emirates flight to Dubai.

The TV’s HDMI cord was still hooked up to the PC instead of the cable box.
Matthew turned on the tv and was standing there, helpless, wondering why the tv was blank.


Cara to the rescue!
“Thank you Cawa.”

Ha ha

Love it.

Here’s some pics from the last few days…

Isn’t that the sweetest, tiniest, chubbiest fingers you have ever seen?
Also, NIOCE legs BEATA!!!!
Sxk sxk sxk sexy sexy! ha ha

Excuse the quality. Nata and I gotta show Indy how to use the camera.

Luca’s wittle feet. We were all watching a movie the other night and his feet kept on finding its
way onto my arm rest.
I wanna just nibble them!
(Actually, I think I might have.)

THIS is what happens when people know your name (not the spelling, but your name)
I wasn’t even the one who initially OPENED a tab, yet…”Kara & Co.”
Like, WTF?
Looks kewl though, like a brand or something.
(Brain’s a going again.)

Nata trying to sneak a pic of me while I was passing in and out on the couch during “Thank You.”

Had to share (AGAIN) the pic Nata took with her Blackberry of the boys yesterday.
Awesome pic, no?
Look at Luca’s face!!!!!!!!!!

This is Sonam Kapoor. She’s the main actress in the movie “Thank You.”
I think she looked REALLY nice in the beginning scene. After that, her looks kinda dwindled on me.
I told ya, I have that 5 min thing now. No one seems to keep my interest longer than 5 mins.
They catch my eye, I think “huh, cute” then, “meh. Can’t be bothered.”

However, I have noticed my fairly new interest in Indian women.

The Arabic and Indian culture really fascinates me.
The ones deep rooted in their cultures are so refined and elegant.
When I first met Rick, he informed me of a little Indian hottie he knows.
He still has yet to live up to his end of the bargain…
cuz I DO BELIEVE he was supposed to introduce us by now!

(He’s actually flying in to visit my parents and I today. I’ll give him a little ass-whoopin’ reminder when he arrives)

However, I get scared with “hookups” done by others.
Well, besides Steve, Peter and a few others that actually have TASTE.
ha ha

You should see some of the people my friends have thought of hooking me up with.
It’s like, Ummmmm. NO THANKS!
I don’t find myself superficial, but shit. I gotta be damn attracted to the person!

if you can get the best, why settle for less?


Hence, why you still linger throughout my days.
I’ve yet to find anyone that comes close to you.

Hope yer having a beautiful weekend my love.
Let’s see if life allows me to bring you into this world I’ve SO fallen in love with.
~ MuAh ~


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