Missing You…

01 Nov

** I need to find stronger distractions **

I’m checked into a pretty cool’n’techy hotel in Holland.
The ambient mood lights in the ceiling, the room temperature, the tv, etc can all be adjusted via one remote.
It’s even got electronic blinds and a projector-screen type drop-down blackout curtain.

The BEST thing though…

Is the BED.

OMG honey. So big, white and cushy!
It touches 3 walls of the room.
From the pillows, to the duvet, to the mattress.
Mmmmmmmmmmmm. To DIE for!

This threw my mind directly to you
and how nice it’d be to spend the day with you
locked beneath these sinfully sweet threads
as we slither our limbs from the coolness of the bed to the heat of our bodies and back.

The day.
A night.
A weekend.



Wishing you were here so I could fall asleep within the love of your arms.


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Posted by on November 1, 2011 in Holland, Hotels


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