Responsibility. Fleeting, yet existent!

25 Oct


I was responsible for, errrrrrrrr…say 2 hours? Meaning: I dismantled my Roland drumset and boxed up a few things I’m going to keep in Holland – in preparation for my departure on Thursday. (Instead of just leaving shit for the last minute, as always)

Proud of me?

Then, though, my food delivery came. I found a movie to watch online (Cocaine Angel) and there ended my adventures in responsibility. Hey, I still have another 30 something hours! And…I’ve always been known to perform my best under pressure. (Did I mention the beers? EXTREME productivity kill!)

**Stop rolling your eyes**

Searched for another movie to watch and came across Midnight in Paris. I wanted to see how they captured the city I feel so at peace in. Speaking of “The Notebook” (above title of blog) guess who stars in it? The chick from the Notebook. This unexpected appearance made me smile.


Honey, if you EVER turned out as pretentiously spoiled, insensitive and self-involved as this chick, I’d drop you cold. Seriously. OMG. Neither feeling nor residual attachments lingering from the past could save you from this monster of a character.

OK, the movie’s just taken a twist. Ha. Interesting. The main character’s played by, errrrr…what’s his name? Hold on, google time. OWEN WILSON! Not one of my favs, I always kinda question why he gets casted for things, but whatever. Double standards of Hollywood. Main actresses mostly MUST be PERFECTION. Men?
Blah. Leaving that subject behind. Not gonna even waste our time getting in to THAT!

Alright, my eyes are stinging. Time to give them the peace they so desire. Shit’s kinda hectic, preparing to leave and all, so…will prepare pics and maybe even VIDEO once I arrive in Dubai. (I need you here to ORGANIZE ME! Yes, nothing’s changed. Both, in that I “need” you and being HIGHLY chaotically DISORGANIZED, yet…in an organized fashion.)


Kisses to you my love.

A pic of me one night, in a NYC hotel room…appreciating a GOOD hair day
with a NOT so flattering facial expression.
Yeah, no. I haven’t changed.
And I know, you love it all.
Now, smile.



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One response to “Responsibility. Fleeting, yet existent!

  1. mike

    October 25, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    Now that’s a funny pic lol


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